Thursday, November 5, 2009

Giveaway Ideas

Last day of the giveaway! I hope everyone who wanted
has had a chance to enter.

I just wanted to post some ideas of things you
can do with some of the giveaway items.

Here I put some berry wreath picks in a glass vase. So easy!

Here I just strung the leaf garland around my porch chair. I really love
this garland and all its colors. Perfect for fall!
And, yes, I have bought one for myself!

This is what I've done with the chestnuts. Just filled up a Goodwill vase
with some faux grasses.

I suggested "sprinkling" the leaves or chestnuts around a fall display. Here I've done the same, but with pinecones.

Just a few here and there . . .

Nestled among my little pilgrim folks . . .

And on my fall mantle.

And here is something I love doing with the jute twine . . .
wrapping it around candles.

So just a few ideas on some things to do with your fall decor. Good luck!


Tammy @ said...

Karyn, it all looks fantastic! I especially love the chair on your front porch!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Best wishes,

Nicole said...

Karyn - you are awesome!! Congrats on your blog award too.