Sunday, November 15, 2009

Give Thanks Banner

Since making my first paper banner for my little girl's birthday party, I've kind of become addicted. I can see banners everywhere. And with all of the adorable scrapbook paper out there now, seriously, how can you not? So I got inspired the other day while making some greeting cards, and decided to put one together for Thanksgiving.

I printed the letters on Thanksgiving antique sheet music that I found over at The Graphics Fairy.

Too bad Thanksgiving is like in a day and I'll only have it up for a little while. But Christmas is right around the corner and I can't wait to start dressing up the house in red and green.

I *might* even put up my Christmas tree this week . . . or next.

Don't hate me.


Crazy Lifferths said...

Love the banner! Hmmm...I might need one! I won't hate you if your tree is up this week. I am at my in laws and we are FULL ON in Christmas mode. They are leaving for Thanksgiving and didn't want to do it when they came back. Austin is loving it all!

Erin said...

Way cute. Wish I had the time to be crafty! someday...

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Wow, love your banner. Of all the Fall banneres I've seen in blogland this is the cutest!! Well maybe next year I'll have time to make one. I can't wait to start focusing on Christmas too!!

Tammy @ said...

Karyn, that is so cute! I have a banner addiction too, love them hanging above my window, on the back of a bench,pn a mirror... My husband doesn't get it... I still haven't made one maybe this will be my inspiration!

Best wishes,