Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can you love a filing cabinet?

I have the best friends

One of my girlfriends called me the other night and said she had something for me if I wanted it. And that she was sending me a pic right away and to let her know what I thought.

When I opened my e-mail I almost fell off my chair. I was IN LOVE.

With a filing cabinet.

When I called her back I tried not to sound too lovesickteenagerlike. Just in case she changed her mind, I didn't want her to feel bad. Although she herself loved the cabinet, she didn't have a place for it and wanted it to go to a good home.

She knew I would love it too and take good care of it.

This cabinet is just too good to be true. The perfect chippy blue with brown underneath. The gorgeous antique hardware.

Don't you love it too? And if you don't, don't tell me. My husband already told me he thought it was ugly. I just hope he was out of earshot when he said it. Can't have this beauty not feeling loved in her new home!

I just can't wait to fill her up with craft supplies and put her to good use . . .


Thanks Linds!


terramisu said...

I know just how you feel. I am always seeing a vision that my dh just doesn't see at first when it comes to furniture. I think it is lovely! (And I love your blog)

Laura said...

Just reading about how much you love this make me think that I must go out and find one to love.

Amy, Dan and Ryan said...

It's even prettier in person! Love it!

tyandlinds said...

aww, well you are welcome. i am glad that you love it as much as me. i was afraid you were taking it to be nice :) can't wait to see how it fits in the house. btw, i have the best friends too ;)

Fenus family said...

I absolutely love it too....I need one now....hmmmmm....where would I put it though, that is the million dollar question :)