Friday, December 31, 2010


Anyone else sick of that BOO sign? That is . . . all ONE of you (me) still reading this blog! ha ha

And does a Christmas post the last day of December still count? :P Oh well! I’ve never been embarrassed to do a holiday post after the holiday. Remember Valentines??

What can I say? I’m a mom of 2 busy girls who rarely feels on top of things. And to maintain some sort of balance I have to be careful how much time I spend crafting . . . and especially on the computer. So that is why you get a Christmas post just when I’m getting ready to put Christmas away. What do you do, right?

Anywho, remember all the Christmas clearance shopping I did last year for my new tree? Well, I’m excited to report that it did in fact come together beautifully!


I’m in love with each and every one of the ornaments . . .

Christmas 20104


Christmas 2010 a

And of course it looked lovely at night . . .


P.S. The tree skirt I got at 50% off just the other day at Wal-Mart and it matches perfectly. Score!

It’s so nice to finally have a grown up tree :)

And if my LATE Christmas post wasn’t enough for you, how about we do a Christmas craft after Christmas as well? Yes, I’m being serious . . .

I saw this post by Ashley over at Domestic Fashionista and decided I needed an ornament wreath for myself. In all fairness, I did actually BUY the ornaments BEFORE Christmas was over. But I didn’t put it together until yesterday :P

Well, look at the bright side. Instead of opening my Christmas bins next year and finding an unfinished project, I’ll find my lovely new ornament wreath all ready to go :)

I just got a bunch of ornament tubes (8 to be exact) in the $1 section at Target . . .


I’m sure they’re either 50% or 75% off now. So if you hurry and find the last of these tubes you could definitely do this project for under $5!

Grabbed a hanger from the closet . . .


And followed Ashley's tutorial exactly to make this . . .


I did end up hot gluing the tops of the ornaments to make sure everything was secure. And I would recommend it. When dh was helping me secure the hanger back together, he accidently dropped the wreath and 1/2 the ornaments popped off. That was before the gluing of the tops. So, yes, I would recommend doing that BEFORE you assemble your wreath . . . and then drop it :P

This is also a great craft for the kiddos to help with. My girls had a blast helping loop the ornaments on.

A few other Christmas scenes around the house . . .


My Christmas centerpiece found it’s way to the top of the fridge. It was a little heavy to keep moving on and off the table last year. But it worked great up there!

And a new/old Christmas sign . . .


It use to be painted cream with green vinyl-lettering. But I used this technique from Vanessa over at V and Co. to make it a lovely vintage red. One of my favorite things in the house :)

So there you have it! Merry Christmas from mine to yours . . . uh, next year :P