Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Still Here!

I wish I had something crafty and inspiring to post.

But nope.

I'm sure just like you, I've been busy shopping, wrapping and baking.

Oh yeah, and going crazy. Like I do every holiday season.

I am SO not one of those gals that has it all together right now. I am always flying by the seat of my pants and just barely skating by.

Oh well! Still love this time of year.

We're heading to the snowy Utah mountains for Christmas.


I’m a little bit scared. I grew up in Utah, but moved to Arizona about 2 years ago. I’m a softy. 50 degrees is cold to me now. It means I have to put on a long-sleeve shirt when running and wear shoes instead of flip flops. What the heck am I going to do in sub-30 weather??

We won’t be back until after New Year’s. But if any of you are still reading this humble little blog, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

Family Pic 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Grandma’s Rocking Horse Cross Stitch


Last year my mother let me and each of my siblings choose something of my grandmother’s to keep. I chose this beautiful rocking horse cross-stitch. Not sure why. I just liked the simple beauty of it. Unfortunately, it sat in my Christmas boxes all last year cause I just hated the gold speckled frame that it came in.

But that was before me and spray paint were BFFs.


So this year when I pulled it out of my Christmas boxes, instead of seeing an uglygoldspeckledframe thathadnochanceofEVERseeingthelightofdayagain, I saw my grandma’s beautiful vintage cross-stitch that just needed a little paint on the frame to make it pretty again.


Do you have anything that spray paint can rescue?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fur Wreath

The Nester last year posted an awesome tutorial on how to make a fur wreath for your winter/Christmas decor. I so loved the look of it, and decided to give it a try this year.

But this project was definitely a doozy!

In her instructions she says, "Like most of the projects we do here, there's a little risk, a little trial and error, a little imperfection and it's all worth it. Basically, you want to cover the wreath form with the fur. And the longer the hair, the more forgiving it is of your messy, inpatient, non-measuring self."

I didn't believe it when I started it, but the more a got into it the more I realized, yep! that's exactly what's going on here. No rules, lots of trial and error. And in the end, your goal really is just to cover the wreath form with the fur.

and I think I was itching my eyes for several hours afterward.

But it was so worth it!
I love that it's just a little different than what you usually see.