Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Grandma’s Rocking Horse Cross Stitch


Last year my mother let me and each of my siblings choose something of my grandmother’s to keep. I chose this beautiful rocking horse cross-stitch. Not sure why. I just liked the simple beauty of it. Unfortunately, it sat in my Christmas boxes all last year cause I just hated the gold speckled frame that it came in.

But that was before me and spray paint were BFFs.


So this year when I pulled it out of my Christmas boxes, instead of seeing an uglygoldspeckledframe thathadnochanceofEVERseeingthelightofdayagain, I saw my grandma’s beautiful vintage cross-stitch that just needed a little paint on the frame to make it pretty again.


Do you have anything that spray paint can rescue?


J.Frey said...

Yes! I have a huge mirror that is in a gold frame. It went good in my old house, but it doesn't go at all in my new house. But, I don't even know where to start? Maybe you could pass along some tips how I could spray paint the frame?

I love the cross stitch! Your grandmother would be proud!

tyandlinds said...

aww, so nice. there is something about having it be a family thing that makes you want to give it extra tlc.

tyandlinds said...

and i plead the 5th on your question ;)

Snider Family said...

I totally laughed when you said you and spray paint were BFF's. :) Very cute!

Elizabeth said...

Love the comment about you and spray paint being BFFs.