Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fur Wreath

The Nester last year posted an awesome tutorial on how to make a fur wreath for your winter/Christmas decor. I so loved the look of it, and decided to give it a try this year.

But this project was definitely a doozy!

In her instructions she says, "Like most of the projects we do here, there's a little risk, a little trial and error, a little imperfection and it's all worth it. Basically, you want to cover the wreath form with the fur. And the longer the hair, the more forgiving it is of your messy, inpatient, non-measuring self."

I didn't believe it when I started it, but the more a got into it the more I realized, yep! that's exactly what's going on here. No rules, lots of trial and error. And in the end, your goal really is just to cover the wreath form with the fur.

and I think I was itching my eyes for several hours afterward.

But it was so worth it!
I love that it's just a little different than what you usually see.


Tammy @ said...

LOVE IT! I especially like it hanging on the shutter.

Best wishes,

tyandlinds said...

oohh, i need one for me. one please, i will pick it up later today ;)

Brielle said...

I love it

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I love all of your Christmas decor. It's all so bright, cheerful and beautiful. I love the box filled with pinecones and greenery and red berries!! Really rustic and natural, just my style.