Monday, September 27, 2010

Bathroom Stool

Ever since girly #1 was potty-trained, we’ve been on the look out for a good sturdy stool to go in the bathroom. You know, something they can get up on and play in the faucet to overflow the sink and get water everywhere wash their hands.

Eventually, my husband came across this one at Savers for $10. It was more than we wanted to spend, but still a decent price for a solid wood stool. . . .


It definitely needed a good cleaning, and the hardware inside for the open top was broken.

So I opted to just remove all the broken hardware and have my husband secure the top down with a few nails and some wood glue.

After the glue was set, I went about stripping the stool of its thick coat of poly . . .


I did this with my handy palm sander and 60-grit sandpaper. I knew I wanted to stain the wood, so I needed to use the extra rough paper to make sure I got down to the bare wood. Then I went over it with 100-, 150-, and 220-paper to make it nice and smooth (didn’t want the girlies hitting any rough spots with their little feet :).


Once all the poly was off and the wood sanded smooth, I just used a bit of provincial and dark walnut stain all over.

Then I sat back at let it dry for a day or two. When it was good and dry, I did a couple of coats of Danish Oil to seal the wood, cause I am sure this little stool will see it’s fair share of water. My girls are the WORST at keeping the bath water IN the bath :P


I loved the look as is, but to give it a little more character I decided to use a few tacks along the steps to make it look even older . . .


And I was done!


Just the look I was going for and much better than before!

P9040010 P9250033


P.S. Some Halloween decor *might* have crept out over the weekend. Is it too early?? ;)


Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

Hey Karyn! That looks just like a genuine old farmhouse step stool. Love it.

Abigail Prescott said...

The stool looks amazing! Great job on it.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

I have that same stool! And the color doesn't match anything in my house. I love your vintage styled detail. We really want to nail it shut and change the color to match the bathroom. I'll be showing this to my husband . . . :)

And $10 is not too bad. I bought the stool years ago at Target for $20. I ated the price, but I needed something that reached the counter, and that was all that I could find.

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