Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Number 5 Chair

I've been in the very looooong process of redoing my kitchen table and chairs for a very looooong time. It must be because we eat off of them every single day that it's been hard to find little snipits of time to work on them. But I finally have a few chairs done, and a few that are in the process.

Here is a before of everything. I bought the set for $125 off Craigslist. I liked the simple farmhouse style and the fact that it was solid wood.


Here is the after of one of the chairs. I decided to paint numbers on the seats of the chairs just for fun. My husband is convinced there must be another way to teach our kids their numbers, but it is starting to grow on him ;)




I'm posting this in hopes that it will motivate me to FINALLY get this project DONE.

Only 4 more chairs, and one big table to go . . .



northern cottage said...

I can't even tell you how much I ADORE this!!! oh my word! Can't wait to see the full set in action!

Carrie Snider said...

Oh, I sooo want to do this with our set. We have the same chairs. I love them but not the finish. Black would match our piano and other decor so much better. Did you sand them, prime and then paint? I would love to see a step-by-step tutorial. :)

Lori said...

Would love a tutorial on how you painted these chairs. I have the same table and chairs and want to do this to mine!