Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trash to Treasure: Fall grapevine tree

Fall season has officially begun. The temperatures are dipping. There's a cool chill in the air. We've pulled out our long sleeve shirts and sweaters and are ready for some apple cider . . . .


Ha! I wish! It's still like a million degrees here in Arizona and I'm sweating just sitting here typing this.

Really, in all fairness, it IS beginning to cool off a tad (like from 115 to 99), and I think our summer hybernation will soon be over.

But I grew up in the mountains and Fall was (is) my favorite season. So even though it's kind of a pseudo season here, I still like to decorate and celebrate :)

I picked up this small grapevine tree from the Goodwill for a couple of dollars months and months ago.

I've given it many makeovers, but this is currently my favorite one.

A happy little Fall topiary. So sweet :) I'll show some more pics of my Fall nesting tomorrow.


tyandlinds said...

looks super cute :)