Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Someone asked me the other day if I'm always working on something . . .

Oh my goodness, yes!

But in a very good/bad sort of way . . .

Why bad you ask? Because my craft room (or "the stuff room" as my daughter likes to call it) looks like a tornado just went through it . . . and because I often look like a bag lady with paint on my hands and in my hair . . .

Good, because I'm always involved in creating something that makes me smile :)

Like this little project that my friend asked for some help with. She's expecting a new little one ANY day now, and she wanted something to fill a large wall in the nursery. She had the vision, and I just helped make it happen. I just painted four white canvases the colors used in her nursery.

Then for the letters I just printed them out on plain paper, carefully cut them out, and used them to trace around.

I just trace them with a pencil and follow that with this paint marker (Wal-Mart, craft section by the paint).

Then I filled in the lines with some antique white craft paint. They looked great just like that, but my friend wanted a little more somethin' somethin'. So I just antiqued them with some brown glaze.

Wanna do your own glazing? Jen gives a great tutorial.

I think they are just so cute! And you could do a million different things with this same idea . . . initials, names, designs. Lots of possibilities! Plus, I often see the canvases 50% OFF at Hobby Lobby.

She'll kill me when she finds out I'm showing this, but she made the most darling memory board to also go in the room. Love it!


tyandlinds said...

such craftiness all around. i saw these today and they look great! thanks for my new addiction, btw ;)

Amy, Dan and Ryan said...

The letters and everything in the baby's room are so stinkin' cute! You and Erin are so talented!

Keri said...

Oooh, I have needed some of those paint markers for about 10 projects in the past. Good tip!

And you are so crafty!!

MaRiN said...

I love how this turned out! My sister is having a boy in about 6 weeks, I'm thinking I might have to make these. I love your color choices too. I'm over the whole baby pastel look.