Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Copycat: Polka Dot Alphabet

I saw this idea by Carrie over at Buzzings of a Queen Bee a while ago and knew I wanted to try it out! I had a baby shower coming up and I thought this would be such a fun little gift.


I bought my letter from Michaels, but I’ve also seen cute ones at Hobby Lobby. You can even order them off-line and they come in all different kinds of fonts.

After a good sanding, I just did what she did and spray-painted the letter. But instead of one color I chose to do a layer of Rustoleum Espresso AND Rustoleum Colonial Red. Just for a little more visual interest. It’d be easy to use craft paint as well, but you know I’m a sucker for spray-paint :) Then I let that dry completely, and applied the white polka dots with this little guy.


Again, you can pick these round form brushes up just about anywhere, even Wal-Mart.

I found the trick to applying uniform circles was to not just dip it in the paint and stamp down, but twist the brush doing a full circle before lifting it off. Make sense??


After the dots were dry, I sanded it all down, applied a brown glaze, and then attached a ribbon using a staple gun.


It took some time, but I love that I was able to give a fun and unique gift to my friend.

Makes me think the girls’ doors each need their own polka dot letter ;)


MaRiN said...

Love polka dots! I am going to 2 baby showers next week, these would make cute gifts!

A said...

I love it!!