Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vintage Windows

Jane Coslick

Do you see them?

There in the back used as glass doors on the china cabinet?

Vintage windows

I do love them. There is something so fun and charming about vintage windows. I like to think about who has looked out their glass panes. Or how many times mommy cleaned little finger prints off them. Or how the sun must have streamed through them on a sunny day :)

I wish I was savvy enough to turn them into china cabinet doors. But for now I am quite content to just use them as display in my home . . .


I’ve shown you my twin double pane ones that hang on my living room wall. I got them at an antique sale on the side of the road.


I just love the patina on them . . .


I showed you here my windowpane mirror turned vintage windowpane chalkboard . . .


And this is my most recently acquired vintage window. I stopped at one of my favorite antique markets over Christmas. I was on the hunt for a big six-pane vintage window just like this one. Unfortunately, they keep all of their vintage windows, shutters, and doors outside even in the winter . . . uncovered. Believe it or not, I tromped through a foot of snow for half an hour and eventually unburied this beauty with my bare hands!

Me: “Look at this beautiful vintage window I found with no broken panes!”

Husband: “Uhhhhh . . . how much did you pay for it?”

Me: “$12, it was 40% off”

Husband: “Weelllll . . . that was probably $12 too much . . .”



Erin said...

I love it Karyn! I would get the same reaction from Chip!

Queen M said...

I love vintage windows too. I need some for my house. I just don't have anywhere to put them.

Tammy @ said...

Your husband sounds like my husband! They just don't have a clue... That first photo is just dreamy! I love that you hung the stars on the windows and the chalkboard, and, well it all looks great!

Best wishes,

MaRiN said...

i'm so jealous...did you find them here in az? i heard there is an old salvage yard out in east mesa that usually has great stuff like this. i really need to go! great find.

Anonymous said...

I have a window identical to your most recent find - the big 6 pane job. I love it. I have it hanging in my entry hall!
One thing I want to caution anyone who buys old windows. Get a lead testing kit at your local hardward store. Many of the old windows have lead based paint on them. They peel and flake and that can be dangerous.


A said...

I just bought six frames at a yard sale on Saturday. I was so excited! I am hoping to think of a fun way to display them... after the spider webs and other nastiness get cleaned off. :)

Katie Nicoll said...

Others won't appreciate this vintage window. But I've got to tell you: it's glamorous!! Mommy used to tell me how old stuff can still bring out the best in a home. And here it is! One of the best things that I've seen!

Katie Nicoll

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