Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Letter H

This was another project I got from Joy.

I did this several months ago, but decided I was done with the scrapbook paper that I originally used and wanted something different.

You just start with a wood plaque and wood letter (both from Wal-Mart). I spray painted mine black like Joy did, but you can use any color you fancy.

After they were both dry, I just sanded down the edges with some medium-grit sandpaper.

Then for the paper I used my new favorite find. Did you know you can print off vintage paper and images from the Internet. There are lots of fellow bloggers that do high-quality scans of vintage prints and save them for all to use. Lovely no? I can definitely see me using this in the future . . .

So this vintage music sheet I got from Heidi. Then I cut it down to the size of the plaque and aged it with a brown stamp pad.
I stuck it to the plaque with this stuff. I found it at Wal-Mart in the paint section.

I'm sure you can also use Mod Podge. It's just me and Mod Podge have a love/hate relationship, so I went with always easy Spray Adhesive.

Then you just glue the letter onto the plaque. Easy peasy! Thanks Joy for another great project!


Queen M said...

So Cute! I am going to do your chalk board frame for my front porch. I was going to ask though, I don't have chalkboard spray paint, but I do have regular chalk board paint. Do you think it will work on the glass the same?

Karyn said...

Yes, I believe you can! I saw a girl who did it and she just said to be really careful that the paint doesn't run. That was her only issue, and she said it was just because she wasn't being patient enough :) You could always use a spray primer to help the paint stick (also from Home Depot). Good luck, and let me see a pic when you're done!

Karyn said...

Oh, and I'd use a small sponge roller to apply it.

Elizabeth said...


You inspire me.

I wish we could be neighbors.

Really. ;)

Meshelle said...

Totally cute, Karyn...I think I'll have to steal the idea!!

Shannon said...

WOW! Karyn I love the "H" project. I might have to steal that idea. That music vintage page really drew my attention:D You are so creative!!!